Château Franc-Cardinal, today covers about 10 ha divided into 3 distinct plots about 2 km distant from each other. Despite their soils looking similar superficially, they are in fact very different, which contributes to the complexity of the wines when assembled. This fact, in some cases, can help to protect the crop from climatic accidents. The vines are planted on well exposed and well drained slopes which are particularly suited to Merlot and Cabernet Franc. The first gives a characteristic roundness in the mouth and the second brings aromatic finesse and elegance whereas a touch of Malbec completes the blend with colour and richness.

In order to obtain fine wines expressing the local soil which is also just as fine, our vines are cultivated as naturally as possible: truly organic with no herbicides; no pesticides; manual leaf thinning and natural soil treatment.




Nous Cultivons nos vignes de la manière la plus naturelle possible.
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